Recycling Of Electronic Equipment

Electronics Recycling

We recycling all types of electronics.

Determining how to handle the disposal/recycling of electronic equipment can be a daunting task for any business. Beyond internal sustainability policies, there are an increasing number of government policies around how and where to recycle electronics, and increased regulations to consider around the business/consumer records on those electronic devises.

Security Data Destruction will help your organization to ensure all confidential information has been permanently destroyed prior to recycling any electronics.   Data security, risk mitigation and protecting your company’s reputation are what we do best when it comes to disposal of IT equipment.

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What do we recycle:

IT Related Products and Equipment:

PC’s, Laptops, Mainframes, PC Hardware, Servers, Network Equipment, Printers, Copy Equipment, Etc.

Telecommunication Electronics

Cell Phones, Office Phones & Systems, Facsimile & Telex, Etc.

Consumer Electronics

Audio & Video Equipment, TV’s, Satellite Equipment, Cable, Game Consoles

Electronic Components

Capacitors, Diodes, Resistors, Transistors, Integrated Circuits


Wire, Cables, Circuit Boards, Power Supplies, Optical & Hard Drives, test Equipment, Military Equipment, Medical Equipment

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