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Let Security Document Destruction help institute a routine document shredding plan for sensitive legal documents to help your office avoid the risk and liability that can come with the loss of confidential information. Numerous privacy regulations apply to legal documents, but attorneys need to look no further than their code of professional conduct for rules requiring client confidentiality and the safeguarding of client information. Regular shredding of documents and media, beyond their retention period, is one highly effective way to adhere to these practices.

Most legal documents have retention periods and should not be kept indefinitely. Security Document Destruction offers secure, customized shredding solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of law firms, house counsel, and other legal practices to assist with regulatory and legislative compliance.

What else can we shred?

We can also destroy hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-Rs, DVDs, computer backups, x-rays, videotapes, cassette tapes, product samples, prototypes, uniforms, and ID badges.

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