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HIPPA Complaint

Lets take a look at the HIPPA compliant way to dispose of papers, hard drives, X-Rays, and electronic media that contain Protected Health Information (PHI).  Even if much of your PHI is now in digital form (ePHI) and your office is well on its way to becoming paperless, chances are you still need a shredder every now and then. Whether it’s a stack of old color-coded files that have been recently scanned, a computer upgrade, old thumb drives/CDs/electronic media or last week’s patient sign-in sheets, HIPAA requires that PHI on paper be safely disposed when it’s no longer needed.

Any and all records/media containing PHI should never be tossed in the dumpster. The safest and easiest way to destroy PHI is to shred them to ensure you are HIPPA Compliant.

All of our executive consoles meet both HIPAA and JCAHO compliance and are labeled with a CARB II certified and Joint Commission compliant sticker.

What else can we shred?

We can also destroy hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-Rs, DVDs, computer backups, x-rays, videotapes, cassette tapes, product samples, prototypes, uniforms, and ID badges.

Security Data Destruction = your HIPPA Compliant Partner.

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