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Security Data Solutions

Security Data Destruction offers residential paper/electronic media shredding services to help protect your identity and unclutter your home. We offer the same secure and compliant shredding process that we provide for commercial, legal, health, and government organizations. It’s quick, convenient, and the most cost-effective way to manage sensitive documents/electronic media and information.

Why Shred?

  • Identity theft affects over 16.6 million people every year. Keeping confidential documents/electronic media beyond their retention period could leave you open to risk. Evaluate your files and determine whether it is time to purge older documents/CDs/thumb drives, and hard drives.
  • Boxes and files of old papers take up space. Take the opportunity to clear out those records that are no longer required.

Why Security Data Destruction for Residential Shredding?

  • Security Data Destruction is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and adheres to its strict standard operating procedures and code of ethics in protecting your confidential information.
  • 100% of your shredded materials will be securely recycled.
  • Once your documents or media have been shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction to substantiate your compliance with information security regulations.

What else can we shred?

We can also destroy hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-Rs, DVDs, computer backups, x-rays, videotapes, cassette tapes, product samples, prototypes, uniforms, and ID badges.

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