Shred those Documents and Stay Green

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November 11, 2016
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July 3, 2017
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Shred those Documents and Stay Green

Shred those Documents and Stay Green

While everyone supports paper recycling, no one should ever assume that important information contained in paper documents will automatically be destroyed when relegated to the recycling bin. In fact, documents destined for the recycling center are perhaps more vulnerable to ID theft than are documents placed in the regular trash. Think about it, if you were a dumpster-diving identity thief wouldn’t you rather wade through reams of paper than assorted garbage with all manner of potentially noxious refuse to pick through?

And don’t laugh at that image of a dumpster-diving ID thief, because due to a 1988 Supreme Court ruling that garbage and recycling is not considered private property once placed off the premises for collection. ID thieves legally can and do pick through recycling and garbage in search of personal information of all types.

In short, recycling is not the answer for destroying important personal information—whether your own, the company’s or your customers—and keeping it out of the hands of information hijackers. Not only are important identifying documents vulnerable at curbside, but they remain vulnerable until they are actually turned into pulp by the recycling paper mill. This might take weeks, and in the meantime the documents are potentially accessible while in the recoiling truck and while on the facility’s sorting floor. Recycling companies have no legal obligation or business cause to ensure that personal information is protected, and any unscrupulous employee has plenty of opportunities to seek out potentially valuable personal information. And finally, recycling companies do not provide businesses or individuals with any peace-of-mind proof that important information has been destroyed, that is, turned to pulp. Such proof should be considered vital for many businesses, especially with recent new laws that dictate increased liability for companies that do not adequately protect customer information from identity thieves.

For peace of mind and full assurance that all personal information is destroyed, Security Data Destruction recommends that businesses and individuals shred all paper documentation. As a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified company, Security Data Destruction provides both on-site and off-site shredding services that are customizable to fit your needs. Whether a one-time culling of dated documentation, or regularly scheduled pick-up and shredding of weekly paperwork, Security Data Destruction has years of expertise in destruction of confidential data, and all the tools to meet your shredding needs.

Our bonded NAID-trained service technicians can come to your office, business or home with a mobile shredder and destroy important documents before your eyes, or we can provide you with secure document bins and consoles that can be picked up on a regular basis and transported to our shredding facility by secure, GPS-tracked truck. Compliance with privacy laws and information security regulations is assured and documented with a Certificate of Destruction, thus increasing your protection from possible liability.

Last, while you may have been told, or are under the impression, that shredded paper is not accepted by recycling companies because it is generally not sorted correctly. If processed correctly and “baled,” recycling companies do accept it. Given that Friedman Recycling is the parent company of Security Data Destruction, you can be assured that your shredded paper work is being properly processed and that your support for the environment is maintained because the shredded paper is being recycled for use again. In fact, last year Friedman recycled more than 62,556 tons of paper, saving more than 750,000 trees.

Operating in all of Arizona, the qualified experts at Security Data Destruction can take care of all of your document and hard drive destruction, to ensure the protection of your business, customers and employees.   Help Prevent ID Theft – Call Security Data Destruction – 602-272-0636.

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